Strategi Megah (M) Sdn Bhd

Who We Are
Strategi Megah is an arm that specializes in Integrated Facilities Management Systems. It focuses on offering a complete bundle of services that addresses asset management in an efficient and cost effective manner.

What We Do
Strategi Megah is responsible for ensuring optimum operations and maintenance of all buildings and infrastructure. Services include janitorial, engineering, security, environmental, landscaping and all its related services. It is a practice of coordinating the physical workplace with the people and work of the organization.

What We Deliver
Companies are challenged to reduce facility and building operating costs, minimize equipment downtime and decrease employee turnover while increasing productivity. Strategi Megah believes that by trusting us with Facility Management Services our clients are rest assured for a smooth and efficient auxiliary management. Clients can in return focus on their core business and increase productivity and profitability.

Service Provided

  • Bio-medical Equipment Maintenance
  • Facility Engineering Maintenance (FEM)
  • Cleaning services
  • Waste Management
  • Linen and Laundry Services
  • Centralised Integrated Asset Management
Centralised maintenance management information system


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