JPZ Construction & Engineering Sdn Bhd

Who We Are
JPZ Construction & Engineering provides all genres of project and construction management services. Understanding clients’ construction requirements, it's skilled and experienced in managing a diverse range of small to mega projects.

What We Do
JPZ C&E offers comprehensive construction services from buildings, civil engineering, roadworks, drainage and bridges. Apart from construction, we carry out the project management and construction management and project development. The projects that we undertake ranges from small to mega projects, either by direct contract, turnkey contract, design and built or through private financing.

What We Deliver
JPZ C&E, believes in the art of bringing superior value to the construction management process. The JPZ family is made up of high caliber professionals in line with the current safety and regulations and takes into account considerations that are of importance to clients;

Project Scope and Capability

  • Efficient Resource Utilization
    Maximising procurement of labor, materials and equipment according to project schedule and plan
  • Financial Metrics
    Implementation of proper coordination and planning by effective cost management. Design and estimating, contracting and construction of the entire process
  • Performance Requirements
    Developing effective strategies for effective communications and mechanisms among the various stakeholders

JPZ C&E has the substantial construction experience, competitive pricing, financial strength, integrity, and a commitment to your project that is supported by a foundation of quality and workplace safety.

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