Globalnet System Sdn Bhd

Who We Are
Globalnet System believes that cohesive communication solutions help organization to work efficiently when people, systems, communications and processes work as one. As an Information and Communications Technology partner, it can help our clients achieve this.

What We Do
Globalnet System addresses a wide range of Communication Services solution by offering several categories of related solutions, proactively monitoring problems by offering reactive services, reducing business risk, improved operational efficiency and allowing our customers to focus on business.

What We Deliver
Many organizations are struggling to focus on their core business function, which can compromise overall organization profitability. The expanding complexity of maintaining an Integrated Communications Infrastructure demands considerable time and attention. Globalnet System is the partner of choice for clients' communications requirement.

Project Scope and Capability

  • Managed Communications System
    Providing consolidated business telecommunications and telecom management systems for phone, broadband and mobile requirements
  • System Management Centre
    Simplify, automate, and manage clients data centre operations to be more effective and efficient. Assist by streamlining Business Processes to improve the organizational agility and compliance.
  • Integrated Radar Surveillance Systems
    Design, construct, install testing and commissioning hardware as well as software for sea, land and air radar system into an integrated technology used for military purposes.

Globalnet System solutions are catered around optimization of clients’ technology and communications to help enhance productivity, drive competitive advantage and profitability, improve customer service and reduce environmental impact.


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