BA Corporation Sdn Bhd

Who We Are
From agricultural crude and refined Palm Oil, Sugar, Oil & Gas and Shipping services, BA Corporation prides itself in providing Integrated Trading Solutions. BA Corporation specializes in facilitating Buying and Selling of a select spectrum of high yielding commodities and more. 

What We Do
BA Corporation handles the Buying and Selling element involved in the commodities trading by identifying commodity supply and demand channels. We deal with a wide variety of clients and business partners comprising of oil producers, agents, brokers, importers, distributors, and suppliers of physical commodity. BA Corporations assists by negotiating competitive market pricing, purchase and selling contracts, storage facility options and shipping charter services.

What We Deliver
BA Corporation’s broad suite of solid local and international merchant and supplier insights sets the stage as a partner of choice.  The trading operations at BA Corporation are rigorous and are supported by the expertise of our professional team experienced in risk management, commodity market movement and investments.

Work Scope and Capability

  • Competitive Trading Portfolio
    Effective Buying & Selling strategies by direct connection to supply source ensures competitive pricing and quality control.  We off-take commodities from small and major producers and manage the barrels trading and supply to our counterparties that yields high return. 
  • Shipping Freight Chartering & Logistics
    Freight Forwarding – From packing to logistics and loading, we are aided by our local and international expanding network of partners that enables BA Corporation to source cost effective terminals, transport solutions and deliver commodities as per the contract agreements. We offer Shipping Charter Solutions through maximized container efficiency by expert packing and product consolidation thus reducing total freight cost per ton for our clients.

BA Corporation’s clients have come to rely on our tailored approach of innovative trading options.  We assist our clients with informed decision making for achieving their commodity buying and selling objectives by focusing on renewable material and energy sources. Our growth oriented approach has created and ideal matching environment for our clients needs.


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