About Us | BA Group of Companies

The BA Group of Companies is the holding flagship of a diversified global engineering services company. We assist our clients by providing cost effective solutions and maximizing engineering resource availability. As a Client Centric organization BA Group focuses on giving support across the complete project lifecycle implementation from design, installation, maintenance and vendor management.

BA Group’s multifaceted solution spans across Civil Engineering, Oil and Gas Pipelines, Commodities Trading Investments, Property Development, Integrated Facilities Management, Communications & Integrated Radar Surveillance Systems  and more. The BA Group of Companies is committed in leveraging our vast pool of professional expertise across the divisions to deliver exceptional quality and service to our clients.

With our varied experience and portfolio, BA Group is a one-stop solutions resource provider and has a strong track record particularly in construction and project management. At BA Group, we have a commitment for an outstanding reputation for quality, value and service.


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